The Power of Balanced Systems: Challenging Inequality and Injustice.

Systems play a crucial role in shaping our lives and communities. Unfortunately, most systems we operate in today perpetuate inequality and injustice, yet we often accept them as the norm without question. It’s time to train our minds to observe these systems and evaluate whether they truly serve the highest good for all; This is […]

Your Radical Yes

We all inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. These are universal truths no matter who you are. Navigating life and your goals are the same way, universal. The process is the same. You have a desire or impulse that comes from your deepest parts. You nurture that desire with positivity and expectation and then allow […]

You can’t “create” diversity, equity, or inclusion, but here is what you CAN do!

“In all human affairs, there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.” James Allen. You can’t create diversity in your organization. You can identify and remove the systems that prevent diversity from flourishing. You can’t create inclusion in your organization; You can identify the […]

The Importance of Trauma Responsive DEI, Systems Change & Social Justice Work

Trauma is a chronic disruption of connection -Stephen Porges Trauma is a blow to the psyche that breaks through one’s defenses so suddenly and with such brutal force that no one cannot react to it effectively. -Kai. T. Erikson I was in a class on trauma healing earlier this week when Kai Cheng Thom shared […]

Workplace Conflict isn’t normal, it is a result of a DEI values deficit.

I have observed that many folks think DEI( Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) initiatives are about getting more “minorities” in their organization/ team. (I’m not too fond of that word, but that is a topic for another article). Others seek to use their initiatives to gain awareness and demonstrate social sensitivity. Though well-meaning, these motives illustrate […]

A Brave Conversation

Inspired by current events, Pamela Gray Daniel shares a message for change agents about how to continue our work empowered, anchored in values, and leading with bravery.

Reclaiming Your Identity

Inspired by an article on Racial Identity and Ancestry, Pamela reflects on how we can reclaim our identity as a form of dismantling racism. Read the article that inspired this video: Genetic ancestry test results shape race self-identification, Stanford researchers find: People who have taken a genetic ancestry test are more likely to report multiple […]

Transformative Conversations About Race

“I never should have made it through twelve years of schooling before entering a university, without ever hearing the important news that most anthropologists reject the concept of biological races.” – Robert Wald Sussman Make no mistakes, I believe we must talk about race and racism, but we much change how we talk about race […]