Pamela Gray Daniel is a dynamic voice for Oneness in a world that often echos division. Her continuous desire to learn about others has given her the unique ability to connect with others on a soul to soul level. This gift allows her to intuitively sense challenges, barriers, and blocks that may be impeding growth and expansion. Pamela is a natural mediator. Through the creative art of storytelling, Pamela allegorizes real-life situations to reveal universal truths. These powerful stories bypass resistance to change and give insight into solutions for living a life of intention and purpose and co-creating a world that works for everyone.

For over 25 years, Pamela has worked as an advocate for social unity.  Using the modalities of music, theater, personal coaching and organizational consulting, Pamela seeks to empower, educate and encourage others to be open to receiving others and transcend trivial differences to achieve a world where everyone has equal value and no one has to justify for how they show up in the world.