I’m Pamela

I describe my work in many different ways

Educator, Practitioner, Activist, Coach & Consultant

Social Unity & Oneness Practitioner & Social Justice Advocate

DEI Educator & Value Alignment Consultant

Transformational Life Coach

Belonging/Systems of Equality Consultant

Culture Enhancement Consultant

Restorative Justice Practitioner

Social & Emotional Intelligence Educator

Spiritual Activist

I want to live in a world that is fair and just, where everyone is valued equally, and no one has to justify how they show up. a world where everyone’s social and emotional needs are met and where all feel safe, seen and celebrated. I am passionate about social justice and creating systems that help individuals and organizations reach their highest potential for the good of All.

I support organizations that desire to lead social transformation by creating robust systems of equality, embracing social responsibility through mission and value alignment, and committing to a culture of awareness and belonging.

Consulting Services

Organizational Development Consulting
evaluating and aligning organizational systems, goals, and internal policies and procedures with an equity, diversity, and inclusion values lens.

Leadership Support
1:1 coaching and support for leaders to support them in their personal journey as they lead their organizations through unifying and impactful social change.

Staff Development
education sessions designed to unify the community over shared values as they navigate their personal journey of creating unifying and impactful social change both in and out of the workplace.

Restorative Justice Services
Navigating human and valued-centered conflict resolution
Reparative mediation with a DEI values lens.
Coaching and supporting individuals as they navigate and process DEI-related trauma.

I support individuals through personal and professional 


I understand that individuals thrive when they feel safe, seen, and celebrated. I am a Transformational Life Coach, and I support individuals that seek to navigate life with attention to intention. I provide education to expand awareness and release limiting beliefs and opportunities for integration through purposeful practices that bring about powerful transformation. I celebrate and affirm the unique diversity of my clients’ human experiences while inspiring hope, healing, wholeness, and personal expansion.

As a holistic, trauma-informed, and trauma-responsive coach, I am committed to providing a safe transformational space and nurturing environment for individuals to:

Receive support with their life goals
Release old habits and ways of being that no longer serve their highest good
Fearlessly reclaim, express, and embrace their unique identity
Embrace their unique role in social change
Unpack social conditioning and practice allyship
Process social trauma due to social marginalization


“Pamela Gray Daniel is a driving force in the social unity space. Her expertise and ability to unite a team in the midst of chaos is nothing short of amazing. Her leadership in our recent series of Diversity and Inclusivity training really transformed a broken team into a united force. Pamela is warm while creating a culture of accountability and creates a willingness to see things from the perspective of oneness and unity rather than divisiveness. I highly recommend Pamela Gray Daniel in both a personal and professional coaching setting, she is extremely easy to work with and almost instantly became part of our team through her deep engagement and powerful insight. “


“I love that Pamela takes a holistic approach, meaning she looks at root causes of issues and focuses her energy on that (not just fixing behaviors that might only be bandaids). I love that Pamela is vulnerable about her own journey and her own experiences. I find myself learning every time she simply shares what happened, not just when she teaches a lesson. And lastly, I love that Pamela created a safe place. I feel completely free to ask her any question – I know I won’t be judged.”


“Pamela challenged me to think more deeply about leveraging privilege for the benefit of others vs. being willing to let go of it. I also appreciated how clear Pamela is on who she is, what she values, and the container she is looking to create for people to learn and grow.”


“Pamela created a safe space very quickly where people could fully experience and move through their emotions while sharing their reflections with the group. I highly recommend bringing Pamela to your company to facilitate meaningful discussions about race, equity and social change if you have the opportunity.”


“First off, the energy, even though the screen was felt. Pamela really cares about DEI and is very knowledgeable. I certainly have been given a new perspective on things. This is such an important topic and Pamela really made it practical.”


“Pamela is an inspiration to all who meet her. She is committed to creating an atmosphere where people can expand their awareness in safety.”


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