Pamela Gray Daniel

My Journey: Nurtured by Legacy, Pulled by a Vision.

I am a seasoned consultant with over two decades of experience in facilitating, coaching, and consulting, I am a certified mindfulness practitioner and my methods are rooted in social and emotional intelligence practices. As a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive professional, I specialize in creating ecologically sound systems of equality and justice for a world that works for all. With my background in human relations and my passion for inclusive community building, I am dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations toward transformative outcomes.

My mother, a dedicated human relations activist and advocate, played an instrumental role in shaping my worldview. My journey began at a young age; I witnessed firsthand the consequences of disunity and a lack of honor for differences within communities, which created disparities and limited opportunities for marginalized individuals.

Pulled by a vision that I could make a difference, I joined my mother in her work as a junior member of the Human Relations Committee of South Jersey, an effort founded by community activists that promoted diversity, advocated for cultural appreciation, and tirelessly worked towards building inclusive communities. It was within this sphere that I recognized the pivotal importance of inclusive community building as the bedrock for societal transformation. This early exposure ignited my unwavering commitment and passion to be a driving force in creating access, belonging, and systems of equality and justice for all.

This vision I had in my childhood pulled me into a mission which evolved and later lead me to embrace the role of a mentor and peer leader in the Teenage Outreach Program. Here, I harnessed my commitment to innovation, personal development, and evidence-based practices, cementing my path towards personal and social transformation.

I focused my academic journey on exploring my natural gifts of performing and entertainment. While earning a BA in Speech & Theater Arts from Clark Atlanta University, I served as an actor/educator with EN-ACTE, a theater company out of Emory University that tackled challenging issues affecting young people. My work as an actor/educator was instrumental in instilling empathy and understanding in my audiences while sharing unique perspectives of the human experience. My unique talents and passion for storytelling became the cornerstone of my calling to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for social change.

In 2006, I founded Girls Like Us Inc., a non-profit organization aimed at empowering and raising awareness on social issues effecting young girls aged 8-18. Through public speaking, workshops, group mentoring, and one-on-one coaching, I became a beacon of hope and inspiration to hundreds of young girls, providing them with tools to embrace their self-worth and discover their unique purpose.

Events in 2016 called me to use my community building and human relations background to create opportunities to unify individuals through intentional community. I created a space where individuals could come to learn about social difference and how to support differences with love, acceptance, and unity in diversity. It was here that We Are One was birthed.

Today, my consultancy work embodies my commitment to transformation. I employ education, inspiration, motivation, metacognition, and mindfulness techniques to guide my clients towards transformative growth. My approach revolves around holistic alignment, focusing on intellectual, somatic, and emotional alignment with the values and goals individuals hold for themselves.

My journey is far from over. I am committed to utilizing all my gifts and experiences to foster a positive, unifying impact in the world. I firmly believe that humanity can embody values and practices that equally support and uplift People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace. I am dedicated to modeling this possibility in every aspect of my existence. There is enough and, We Are One.

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