Who We Are

We Are One Consulting is a social justice & equality education and consulting firm founded by Pamela Gray Daniel. We Are One is dedicated to creating systems of social equality and cultures of belonging in schools, communities, companies, and our world. We Are One provides coaching and consulting that assist in strengthening relationships across differences and promote social equality practices in every aspect of society.

Our mission is to unify humanity through shared values, build strong and healthy relationships across differences and co-create and practice, and model systems of social equality from self to systems.


DEI Values & Integrity Education  

Our curriculum focuses on creating systems of equality by on leading with equity, providing a path for success that honors differences and learning holistically. This approach fully activates all aspects of the learner’s personality (intellect, emotions, imagination, body) for more effective and comprehensive learning.

DEI Values & Integrity Organization Consulting

Consulting retainers provide monthly hours used to advise leadership, provide mediation or remediation, assist ERGs, Committees, Teams, etc., with issues of creating cultures of belonging and creating systems that uphold values of Social Equality.

DEI Values & Integrity Executive Coaching

Coaching for executive-level leaders to develop awareness and strengthen values around social responsibility to effectively implement and lead inclusive practices with their teams and Creating Cultures of Belonging in their organizations.

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1:1 Allyship Coaching  

For individuals who desire to be an active agent for positive and impactful social change, coaching provides individuals with guidance in self-evaluation and accountability in embodying DEI Values with Integrity.

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Creative Young Allies

A program designed to teach young people and their families how to actively and consistently review their social conditioning, behaviors, beliefs, and actions that are not aligned with the values of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. In doing this, young people gain tools to become authentic allies for Social Justice, Unity & Equality. More…

Authentic Allyship Workshop

This 90-minute Introduction to Authentic Allyship provides a strong foundation to understand Holistic DEI Values and reviewing the systems of our behaviors that are not in alignment with Social Equality and Social Justice. More..


“Pamela Gray Daniel is a driving force in the social unity space. Her expertise and ability to unite a team in the midst of chaos is nothing short of amazing. Her leadership in our recent series of Diversity and Inclusivity training really transformed a broken team into a united force. Pamela is warm while creating a culture of accountability and creates a willingness to see things from the perspective of oneness and unity rather than divisiveness. I highly recommend Pamela Gray Daniel in both a personal and professional coaching setting, she is extremely easy to work with and almost instantly became part of our team through her deep engagement and powerful insight. ”

– Jolie Stuart, President of ban.do Designs, LLC

I worked with Pamela to host an interactive and enlightening discussion about Black history and Black empowerment earlier this year for Black History Month. The presentation was thoughtfully put together, incredibly moving for everyone involved, and delivered in a way that provided context about the Black experience before tastefully transitioning into celebrating the accomplishments and potential of Black people moving forward. Pamela created a safe space very quickly where people could fully experience and move through their emotions while sharing their reflections with the group. I highly recommend bringing Pamela to your company to facilitate meaningful discussions about race, equity, and equity and social change if you have the opportunity to.

Brianna Odom Sr. Manager DEI @ Rubrik Inc.

“I love that Pamela takes a holistic approach, meaning she looks at root causes of issues and focuses her energy on that (not just fixing behaviors that might only be bandaids). I love that Pamela is vulnerable about her own journey and her own experiences. I find myself learning every time she simply shares what happened, not just when she teaches a lesson. And lastly, I love that Pamela created a safe place. I feel completely free to ask her any question – I know I won’t be judged, I’ll get a thoughtful response, and I’ll get it quickly. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Vlada Bortnik, CEO & Co-Founder of Marco Polo

“Pamela challenged me to think more deeply about leveraging privilege for the benefit of others vs. being willing to let go of it. I also appreciated how clear Pamela is on who she is, what she values and the container she is looking to create for people to learn and grow.”

– Workshop Participant