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“Get ready to dive in deep!”

Liz Getman

“It will guide you out of coping and into authentic healing.”

Julie Moret

“Uplifting, persuasive, and needed for the challenges we face in the world, today.”

Dr. Kreslyn Kelley-Ellis

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    Inspired by an article on Racial Identity and Ancestry, Pamela reflects on how we can reclaim our identity as a form of dismantling racism. Read the article that inspired this video: Genetic ancestry test results shape race self-identification, Stanford researchers find: People who have taken a genetic ancestry test are more likely to report multiple races when self-identifying on surveys, according to Stanford sociologists. Consider how disparities and oppression could decrease if… Read More
  • Transformative Conversations About Race
    “I never should have made it through twelve years of schooling before entering a university, without ever hearing the important news that most anthropologists reject the concept of biological races.” – Robert Wald Sussman Make no mistakes, I believe we must talk about race and racism, but we much change how we talk about race and racism.  I steer clear of using the terms anti-racist or racist in my work. I don’t… Read More
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