We all inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. These are universal truths no matter who you are. Navigating life and your goals are the same way, universal. The process is the same. You have a desire or impulse that comes from your deepest parts. You nurture that desire with positivity and expectation and then allow yourself to move toward it. This life isn’t just about getting the things we want; it is also about becoming the person we want to be, and that brings the things we desire into our reality because we are coherent with them.

When navigating life and your goals, how you feel is really important. It is, in fact, more important than what you do. For example, suppose your mind and emotions do not align with the action you are about to take. In that case, you can try one or two things: We can try to push through out of balance and disempowered. I do not recommend this because we do not make our best decisions when we are not in complete harmony with ourselves. The second option is to find balance and empower yourself by exploring your thoughts and feelings and, with intention, shift your mind and emotions into coherence.

You may be experiencing emotional or mental blocks because your higher power, whatever that means for you, knows you need to release and clear to take the physical action. Your higher power knows how to get you where you want to go. It also knows what obstacles are in your way. And sometimes, your higher power will tell you to do something to bring to your awareness to the blocks that are keeping you from the goals you wish to achieve. 

It isn’t always about taking action at that moment; it is always about the domino effect that occurs within your being when you say “yes” to the process. 

 Living in your Radical YES is a purposeful practice. We must practice it until it becomes a habit of our being, and even then, it must be a choice we make to live in our Radical Yes. I choose daily to live in my Radical Yes. This post is a result of my Radical Yes. I choose to open myself up to be guided through impulses to create my life, reach my goals and create a positive impact in the world. Sometimes those impulses feel excellent and necessary; sometimes, they feel random and unimportant. Other times they feel downright scary. There are times when I can take immediate action and others when I notice blocks when I start to take action. 

Do you want to learn how to live in your Radical Yes? It is a complex process, but I follow these basic steps.

  1. We must take a minute to discern if the action is ecologically sound. That means this is for the good of all and brings harm to none. Our social responsibility is to ensure that our goals do not harm people and the planet and promote peace. There is enough, and We Are One.
  2. Choose to activate your radical yes and get excited! You are on your way to something you have been asking for. You may or may not know what it is but trust me, it is all you are asking for and more.
  3. Don’t look for resistance or engage with it. A little resistance is normal because you are moving beyond your comfort zone, which is where growth happens. However, if you feel a significant pushback, identify it. 
  4. Reaffirm that the impulse/action is from your higher power that knows you. That it is for your benefit and ask for help where you are experiencing resistance. Ask for a path of least resistance. This doesn’t mean that you will not take the action you have been given just as guided; it is a request for help clearing the path. 
  5. Acknowledge your feelings about the situation and be brutally honest about it. “I am feeling some nervousness.” Do not make declarations like, “I AM nervous.” There is a difference: one is an awareness of a transitory experience of emotions, and the other is claiming and owning an emotion as your state of being. We can experience fear, but we do not live in a state of fear. 
  6. Engage with Radical Truth; this is tough because someone might feel that it is the truth that “no one wants to hear what I have to say” or that “it doesn’t matter what I do .” That may be true from their limited experience, but that is not fundamentally true. Someone wants to hear what you have to say, and what you do has a significant impact not only on your life but also on the life of others. Let radical truth override your now-perceived truth and feel the power of that through affirmations, visioning possibilities, journaling, and releasing old stories. Don’t rush this. You may feel alignment right away, and it may take some time. 
  7. Once you feel your power, potential, and possibilities, review the action again. What avenues do you think and see now that you feel aligned? Resistance happens when we perceive a problem. But when we enter into the realm of our power, potential, and possibilities, we no longer see the problem, only opportunities. 
  8. Feel into the goodness, the infinite possibilities, and now take action.
  9. If you have done all of this and still feel resistance, know that your Radical Yes has led you to work deeper in this area. Be encouraged and excited; know your inner guidance has led you here. Open yourself up and ask for your next step in your Radical Yes.

Sometimes you will know precisely where you are going as you follow the inner guidance and sometimes you won’t. Either way, trust that you are always divinely guided, protected, and provided for in this life. You will reach your goals when you stay open to this guidance, and you feel good as you take action. You have everything you need for this journey of discovery, remembering, and becoming.

If you found this post helpful, share it with a friend and are interested in coaching to support you in your Radical Yes, let’s chat. Realize your potential and occupy it fully. Radically say Yes to the you that is seeking to emerge.

Standing In Unity,

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