Warning, this post is about to get real spiritual. This post is a charge to review yourself and take action…if you’re not ready, that is ok. If you are curious, stay open and stick with me cause this blessed me and gave me fresh hope and vision for humanity today.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are Ego and Spirit. When we identify primarily in the ego, we are disconnected from one another, and we operate in emotions like fear, worry, doubt, jealously, selfish ambition, and hate. We are indifferent to the needs of those around us.

When we begin to align with our most authentic self, our spiritual nature, we remember that our lives are connected through our sacred existence. We all derive from one source everywhere in its fullness; this is where we are made equal and one with all that is. From this level of knowledge, we operate in the emotions of love and joy, creativity, collective wellbeing. We see ourselves as cells in the Universal body, and therefore, we desire to take care of the body so that it can thrive. We understand the importance of taking care of the earth and its creatures, and you care for your fellow human’s needs.

This is why practicing Oneness is my focus. It is how we create a world in which we live in unity in our diversity and harmony with nature. It is game, set, match. It is how we walk through this life in a way that embraces equality and the social and emotional needs of every living thing on the planet. It is how wars will cease, and peace and tranquility will reign in us and those around us. This is Unity/Christ Consciousness or having the “mind of God”. The second coming isn’t something you are waiting for; it is something you become.

My spirituality has taught me how to read the bible and other religious texts to separate man’s ego from the truth of God/Universe. It has taught me how to decern the Spirit from ego. I grew up in Christianity, and I have always struggled with what I saw as the minds of 2 different God’s. There was one that was benevolent and life-giving and loved us all unconditionally and another God full of wrath, who had chosen people and whose love was conditional. I could never reconcile these two very different images of God, especially when The Bible stated that the divines character was not like a man’s character. Its nature was consistent and integral. As I began to understand man’s nature and the nature of the Universe/God, it became clear to me that we needed to discern man/ego from Spirit. This led me to deeply study the life and teachings of Jesus/Yeshua, the man that mastered the full embodiment of the Spirit of God while still walking this earth, the one that showed the way to follow.

For those of you who were like me, confused by the character of God displayed in the Old Testament, the life of Jesus as the New Testament came to set the record straight; this is who God is, period full stop! It was Jesus saying, forget what you heard; let me demonstrate for you the real deal. That is why the religious leaders of the time did not like Jesus. It was because he was revealing the truth and setting the record straight and with power that could not be ignored or denied. This was the “way, the truth and the life” that brought freedom from social and religious constructs and the oppression of ego. This truth liberated us to embrace Oneness with the Spirit and embody it with our very life. We, too, could step into our full power and do the “even greater things” Jesus promised that we could and would do. But how could we do greater things than the one who fully embodied the Spirit of God in the flesh? We follow the example and do the same. This is Christ Consciousness, being anointed with the awareness of God while still in the body. Practicing living in the Spirit to overcome our egoic tendencies to achieve unity with God, within ourselves, and with one another. This is spirituality.

While I no longer subscribe to one particular religion, I follow the teachings of those who have strived to commit to practicing this “way of life.”; anointed by the Spirit and its fruits to overcome ego while walking in the body.

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