“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” – Robert H. Schuller 

Today I had something break open in me. This isn’t new, it has happened before, it will happen again. I am a societal healer, and I know that my work here is about anchoring in a spirit of unity and peace in our world and helping us shift from who we were to who we are. As I laid on my bed, clearing myself of not only the pain of those around me but my pain, I began to weep and write. This is what I channeled from my heart space, from my higher self, and from who we all are.

I’m burdened by the bodies that have been battered and abused.
I am burdened with the loss of our humanity, saddened by the choices we choose.
My heart, my why, is because we need healing to be all we were meant to be.
Can’t we see how much we have lost? We have given up our dignity.
For our baubles, for fallacies, for power perceptions, but can’t we see we have lost out.
We missed the beauty, strength, the creativity that those we shun are all about.
This fight for freedom belongs to all of us; liberation cannot come.
As long as we focus only on ourselves, we desperately need everyone.
The war is not with each other it is with the lies we have imbibed.
YES, we have many ways, faces, and expressions of being, but we are still one big tribe.
We have cut ourselves off from ourselves if only we could clearly see.
That although I am clearly me and you are you, you are also indivisible for me.
We are one another; we need one another. We’ve been mistaken; there is no race to be won.
Our purpose is and always was to build together a world for everyone.
Our task, our challenge at hand, is to rise from the ashes and ascend so far above.
That we realize reaching our highest potential, our greatest achievements are only met when we walk in peace, unity, and love.
The time has come to heal ourselves. This is ALL of our work to do.
I ask for, and I promise to extend compassion, I must heal me, and you must heal you.
And as we traverse this journey, know you are not alone.
I’m here for you, and I’ll hold your hand as we find our way back home.

Standing In Unity,

Pamela Gray Daniel

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