“Come what may, I know the way, I am Moana
” – Moana

This is my favorite part of the movie where Moana looks back over her hero’s journey and all she learned. She stands in her truth, and boldly declares all she always knew in her heart. I’ve had this powerful moment, and just like with Moana, it was the turning point for me to trust my calling. We all have a calling, but not everyone is willing to take the time or have the courage to avow it and walk in it. Sometimes it feels so much safer and more comfortable for us to be who everyone else thinks we are. While boldly declaring your purpose and living it out is scary, it is exhilarating and the highest sense of freedom you will ever know. Standing in full confidence of who you are and what you came to bring to the world.

All of our lives have a theme, a purpose, a mission. If you take time to look back, you can see it spelled out for you. What gives you life? What makes you happiest? Why are you here? What is your life calling you to? When I look back on my life, I can see my purpose clearly. To some people, it may seem like my life was all over the place. Even I began to feel like a jack of all trades, master of none. But when I started to take time with myself, the core of me, the whole of me, everything became very clear. Your calling is as unique as you are. It isn’t going to look like someone else’s, it is tailor-made for you. Too often, we see the calling of others, and we try to make it our own. But there is something that only you can do, and if you are too busy trying to be like someone else, you will miss it.

I’ve always loved to sing and perform. From the age of three, there was always a song in my heart. You could find me anywhere, humming quietly or singing loudly. I spent the young years of my life writing and telling stories to entertain myself. When I got older, I took those stories to the stage.

I have a colossal speaking voice, and I use it. My mom used to joke that she could hear me as soon as she entered the school. I have always lived my life very loud and proud. My love for people is as deep as my desire for justice. I use my voice to give voice to those who may not be as strong. I use my voice to defend, educate, and entertain, but I also use it to empower. I study people. I look for the good in all people, and I speak to it. I encourage it. I seek to empower it. I will cheer for everyone, but especially those who need it most. I desire unity and harmony. I love bringing people together, whether it be in celebration or to come to a common ground. I am a dreamer, and I believe in possibilities.

I have been involved in advocacy and outreach groups and served as a peer mentor since the age of 14. At 21, I started working as an actor/educator with an advocacy group educating young people and giving voice to issues facing young adults. I continued with this group for 3 years. At the age of 26, I started a non-profit where I mentored and coached young girls and teenage mothers. I conducted workshops, conducted private coaching, classes, and ran support groups. By 29, I wrote Life of My Dreams, an allegory about life lessons and discovering self. At 37 I started a community group called We Are One that focused on social unity, social awareness, and advocacy. I started an event & gift planning service that focused on celebrating people and their unique identities.

2020, year 40, for me, is my year of expansion and perfect vision. My message is as has always been one of acceptance of self and others. I am intentional about focusing on practicing Oneness and healing within ourselves and with one another. On May 5th, I released my newest book, Healing our History & Co-Creating a Culture of Oneness. I also started a virtual workshop series based on the book, to share my journey and assist others on their journey of embracing healing and Oneness.

Our journey in life is ever unfolding, always evolving as we continue to heal ourselves and remember who we are and what we came to be. There is one thing to remember as you seek to find your calling. It isn’t out in the world. You won’t find it looking for validation from others. You won’t find it at a store or in a book. The call is inside you. It waits for you to desire to know it, and then take the journey back home to you. Follow yourself to find yourself.

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