“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

I had a beautiful inner child healing session with myself a few days ago, and it always amazes me how we can heal a part of ourselves and get free, and later still, find you have healing to do in that area. If you are anything like me, you feel like a failure, you become hard on yourself like, “why can’t I get this thing right.” Don’t go there, you probably will anyway, but don’t stay there long. Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best that you can, and also remember healing isn’t definitive or linear, and neither is our trauma.

The good news is that we are spiritual beings, and our spirits are eternal extensions of the God/Source/Consciousness. In Spirit, we lack nothing, but in the physical, we are flawed, broken, and wounded. Our wounds are created throughout our human experience. We pick them up with every interaction we have with imperfect individuals who are journeying with us. We carry the wounds of our ancestors that we attempt to heal to free ourselves and the generations that will come after us. We agreed to lose ourselves so that we could, through this human experience, remember who we really are and find ourselves again. We came to learn lessons and bring a gift that only we could bring to humanity. When we look at it from this perspective, it is such a beautiful journey. The bumps and bruises we acquire along the way are apart of the training. It is how we develop the ability to finish the course, learn what we need to learn so that we can do what we came to do. Don’t despise your wounds. With every healing that takes place, you become stronger and wiser, and you learn how to anchor your spiritual qualities in the physical body. But make no mistake, as long as you traverse this earth, you will be healing.

Often you will find yourself needing healing in a place you already healed. At first, I would feel like a failure when this happened, like, “Didn’t we already fix this?” It was only until recently that I realized that injury to an already healed place is a frequent occurrence in this life journey.

I have three children, and I have had them all via c-section. This is a major surgery that women endure where doctors cut through layers of skin, fat, the abdomen, and the uterus to remove a baby from your womb. After the baby is removed, the layers are sewn back together, and that is when the healing starts. With my first child, I had a difficult time with my incision site. There was one area that wouldn’t seem to close correctly. It took much longer than the rest of my body to heal. With my second child, the wound closed perfectly, but in the same area that had a problem before, I would get terrible sharp pains. My Dr. told me that I had a clump of nerves in that area, which was causing my pain. To relieve my pain, she gave me a cortisone shot, and magically the pain disappeared. While my incision was closed and outwardly healed, there was some deeper healing that still needed to take place. With my last child, I had no pain, and I was able to recover fully without the use of pain medication and barely any scarring.

My body has healed 3 separate times from the same type of wound. Having to recover again was a result of reinjury to the same site, not because I failed to heal. We often find ourselves being reinjured in life, sometimes in an area, we already healed. It can seem discouraging, but you should feel empowered. You recovered before, and you can do it again. You know what to do, and your ability to heal will not only improve, but you will be able to recover more rapidly.

We are multidimensional beings, and there are many facets to our trauma and our healing process. Our healing journey will take place as long as we inhabit this body. It is a process; it is not one and done. And when we focus our efforts on healing, and not our pain, we can live more empowered lives because we are solution-focused.

Too often, we just manage symptoms of our trauma, or worse, we commiserate with them. We talk to trauma like it is an old friend. Trauma is not your friend, you do not invite it to stay for tea and expect to have a good time. It is a thief, and it will steal your joy and peace. You confront it, you call it by name, you learn what it came to teach you, that means wrestling it to the ground looking at it face to face and telling it “You have no power over me!” You thank it for the lesson and send it on its way.

Every day we must practice our healing and apply the truth that all things are always working for our good and our expansion. Practice the lessons you learn and rise to the vibration of truth, that we are more powerful than the things that came destroy us and our peace. Choosing daily to stand in the awareness, acceptance, and application of that power is how we continue to heal.

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