“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” – Baha’U’Llah

In the past, I have labeled myself as an advocate for diversity and inclusion. I have changed my title just a bit to reflect my particular focus. In my opinion, diversity and inclusion have become a buzzwords. They carry negative connotations for some, and for others, it is a rallying cry. It means different things to different people. For me, when we focus on what we are ultimately trying to achieve, the common denominator is Social Unity or Oneness.  

I believe the world we all want to live in is possible, a world that is fair and just, where everyone has equal value, and no one has to justify how they show up. Focusing on inclusion diversity, equity, access, and social justice (IDEAS) is the equation I focus on to achieve social unity or Oneness. This process is intrapersonal, focusing on personal fidelity to the IDEAS model through coaching and consulting. Using the IDEAS framework, I work with individuals and organizational leadership to examine and reveal how we individually subscribe to systems that do not support the world we desire to see. Through mindfulness coaching and accountability, individuals are challenged to reject a Us vs. Them mindset and live in high fidelity to Oneness mindset.  

Healing Our History & Co-Creating a Culture of Oneness is a book I wrote to help guide us as we move toward Oneness. This playbook can be used as a resource but is best utilized in conjunction with workshops and focused discussions.

Healing Our History is available for Pre-order now!

Here is what people are saying ….

“A new paradigm in which all people are treated equally and equitably requires everyone’s involvement, especially those who exercise a high degree of privilege in our society. Through a mix of personal anecdotes, social science, and spiritual reflection, Pamela Gray Daniel challenges us to think about our role in combating the roots of racism, classism, sexism, and oppression in various forms. She encourages us to respond rather than react; teaches us how to move from trauma to empathy; and offers a model for a world that includes rather than separates and prioritizes collective healing over individual healing. This is not a passive read. Get ready to dive in deep, and get to work in uplifting the vibration for all.”

-Liz Getman , Executive Producer & Host, Beyond Asana

“Pamela’s views on “Oneness” are uplifting, persuasive, and needed for the challenges we face in the word, today.  When reading her book, Healing our History & Co-Creating Our Oneness,I felt compelled to expand my own thoughts and training methods on the matter.  I personally believe that every manager and leader should engage in a conservation around her work, as I am certain that they, too, will find opportunity for growth.  This could definitely be a part of the answer that can heal the heart of humanity. “

Dr. Kreslyn Kelley-Ellis, Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Pamela Gray Daniel’s impassioned book, Healing Our History, charges every one of us to regularly practice mindfulness and consciously create a world that works for everyone!

-Julie Moret, Author, What’s Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand

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